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Brother/Sister, I think you would agree that if God almighty does exist then there should be some logical proof for his existence. Therefore, brother/sister now I am sharing with you this Proof Of The Existence Of God.

There  are  really  Four  Pieces  Of  Evidence. The First Three Pieces Of Evidence Support The FOURTH AND MAIN PIECE OF EVIDENCE  (In  common  language: “PROOF”) For The Existence Of God.




First Supporting Part Of Evidence:    Cosmological  Argument  -  or  Cause  and  Effect  


Put  simply:

-  Everything  that  begins  to  exist  must have  a  cause.

-  The Universe  began  to  exist.

-  Therefore,  The  Universe  has  a  cause.


If  the  Universe  did  not have  a  cause  it can  only  mean:

1.  It  Created  Itself

2.  It  Always  Existed

Is that possible?

1. Things cannot exist and not exist at the same time. Therefore it cannot create itself.
2. Everything must have a beginning because things cannot go back forever; it’s just illogical, think about it. Now we have The Big Bang Theory which gives a start to EVERYTHING!

Brother/Sister you might probably be thinking:

“If The Universe needs a cause, then why doesn't God need a cause?”


The answer is that if God needs A Creator then that Creator needs another Creator, and so on, that means you will never come to a starting point (called Infinite Regress). Therefore there has to be a Creator who is not created.


Who Made God?

Brother/Sister you may want to know who made God. Space and Time are linked together in this Universe. This is called a Space-Time Continuum. Scientists/Physicists agree that with the beginning of the Universe it wasn’t just matter that came to being, but time itself started! Therefore if something is outside this Universe it would be outside our Time-Frame and it may be outside Time altogether. - This doesn’t prove the existence of a Creator but it gives rise to the possibility of a Creator who is outside Time and therefore does not have a beginning and therefore does not need a Creator!


Second Supporting Part Of Evidence:  Teleological Argument - or Design Argument

The Design Argument is saying that the Universe is so finely balanced and so finely tuned that somebody must have designed it that way!


The Fine-Tuning of The Universe has to be either due to:

  • Physical Necessity
  • Chance
  • Design.


Physical Necessity:

It is not Physically Necessary. In other words the Universe does not have to be the way it
is. It could be lots of other ways and it would still be A Universe but not the one we know.


It is (almost) impossible for the Universe to be like it is by chance as Prof Roger Penrose has calculated.

Our Universe is a ‘Low Entropy’ Universe. Entropy is a measure of the degree of disorder of The Universe. The probability of The Universe being like this, says Professor Penrose is:

                    ‘10 to the power of 10 and all of this to the power 123: To One!’

Prof. Penrose is The Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University. See his book ‘The
Emperor’s New Mind’- 1989.

What this calculation does, is that it also almost eliminates the possibility of The Universe
being like this even if it is a Multi-verse!


Therefore, the Universe has been designed the way it is.



Third Supporting Part Of Evidence:   The Prophets

-Their Lives and the Consistency of Their Message.
Throughout history there have been some incredible good people. These people led very good, honest and decent lives. At some point in their life they said that ‘God’ had communicated with them in some way. They went out and gave this message. As a consequence of giving this message, they were persecuted and their followers were also persecuted and sometimes they were killed. They gained no material or worldly benefit from this message. They usually lived very simple, modest lives and were not interested in material wealth. They all gave the same identical message. The question is why they did this. The possibilities are:

1. Altruism-They were being altruistic – i.e. they wanted to help people and society
2. Delusion-They were deluded – i.e. they had some psychological problems
3. True Prophet hood- They were indeed Prophets of Almighty God


1. Altruism

Altruism would mean that they were just lying to help others. If they were lying then this
would go against their character and their teachings. People would have seen their


2. Delusion

If they had some psychological problems such as delusion then again their character
would have shown some faults. However their characters were impeccable and beyond

3. True Prophet Hood

Therefore the only option is that they were indeed Prophets or Messengers of
Almighty God. These were The Prophets: Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and
Muhammad (PBUT) - to name a few.



Fourth and Main Part Of Evidence:     The Miracles

The Miracles given to The Prophets are evidence or signs of God’s existence. A miracle
that we can see today is The Qur’an.




Q. What is The Qur’an?

A. The Qur'an Is A Book Containing Words Of The Almighty & Merciful GOD.

Q. Why Believe In The Qur’an?

A. Because The Qur’an Is A MIRACLE.


Few Reasons Why The Qur’an is A Miracle:


1- The words of God, which is the text of The Qur'an has remained Exactly The Same for over 1400 years.


The Qur’an manuscript which can be seen at the University of Birmingham ( in pictures below) has been placed among the oldest in the world.

A radiocarbon dating test conducted in the University of Oxford's Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, revealed with 95.4% accuracy that the Qur'an manuscript placed at University of Birmingham is dated between AD 568 and 645. 

This result places the leaves of the Qur'an manuscript close to the time of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), who is generally thought to have lived in this world between AD 570 and 632.



Birmingham Quran manuscript.jpg


 Manuscript Of Quran


By doing a comparison of a 21st-century Quran (left) and the Birmingham Quran Manuscript (Right) in the picture above, You Can See that the text of The Qur'an has Not Changed in more than 1400 Years. Only Marks were added later to the Quran Text for proper pronunciation of The Qur'an.


Reference Articles:


Even if all the scriptures of the Qura'n become unavailable somehow, the Qur'an can still be easily reproduced from the Memory of Millions Of People across many ethnic, socioeconomic, and geographical divisions Who Have Memorized The Complete Qur'an in its Original Language (Arabic) Word-For-Word and Cover-To-Cover. You can find a person yourself who has memorized the complete Qur'an near to where you live or work.

Reference Article:


The Qur'an has remained unchanged because Almighty God has taken the responsibility to protect it, which is mentioned in chapter 15 verse 6 of the Qur'an:

Verse about Un Changed Quran

This fact is also mentioned in chapter 41 verse 42, God Almighty says in the Qur'an:

 another verse about unchanged Quran



2- The Qur'an contains in it many Scientifically Accurate Statements about things which man came to know about much later In time. These statements are SIGNS for people to think about.


For Example It Describes:


  •  Embryology-How a baby forms (Explained By Prof. Keith Moore)

 Human Carnegie stage 1 23


Please see the below Video which serves as a Proof that The Quran Is From GOD:  


  • The Big Bang Theory (The Start of The Universe)                                                               

 According to an article published on about Big Bang Theory (reference given below) states that, the universe emerged from a "small singularity".



What modern science has discovered recently, The Qur'an mentioned this fact more than 1400 years ago in Chapter: 21 Verse: 30 :

Quran about BigBang


 Therefore, The Quran correctly mentions that the universe started from a "joined entity" which is in line with the big bang theory's description of starting of the universe. 

  •  The Expanding Universe                                                                                                            

According to Encyclopedia Britannica (reference given below) the "The Steady State model" theory which has been recently published and accepted by scientists, states that The Universe Is Always Expanding



The Quran correctly mentions that the universe is expanding in Chapter 51 Verse 47: 

Quran about Expanding Universe



Please watch and think about the below Video which explains in an excellent way the start and expanding of the universe with reference to The Quran.  



That's Not All.....

  • How Gravity Works (Planets 'Swim' in Orbits)

 2818891443 916d4ee87c k


The Holy Quran Speaks about Gravity / Gravitational waves due to its effect planets are Swimming in an Orbit, this description is in line with recent scientific knowledge :

Quran about Gravity

  • The Construction of Mountains

pexels denis linine 714258


It is mentioned in the Quran:

Quran about Mountains


In the above quoted verses The Qur'an stated that the mountains are like stakes, meaning that the mountains have Roots beneath them which look like stake.


According to an article/answer published on The Geological Society's website (reference given below) by Dr. Ted Nield who is a prominent geologist (, the mountains do have Roots beneath them. The article also explains that how this is a recent scientific discovery.



  • The Water Cycle (Formation of Clouds)

 Diagram of the Water Cycle


Although it is a general knowledge thing, but it was not known about the water cycle to people around a 100 years ago.

Quran about WaterCycle

  •  Pain receptors in the skin

29923768703 b7a0349afa k1

The Qur'an describes in Chapter 4, Verse 56 the following about skin:

Quran about Skin

This is a scientific fact that the pain receptors are in the skin which are called Nociceptor (reference:, and when a human is burnt to extreme stage these pain receptors become dead due to which the person no longer feels pain (reference: Therefore The Quran describes that, in hell-fire when due to extreme burning a human's pain receptors are destroyed, his skin will be replaced with a new one so that he can continue feeling the pain of burning.   


Hence, not only the Quran told humans that sensation is due to the pain receptors of the skin,Quran also describes accurately the type of burn that kills the pain receptors.


Chairman of the Department of Anatomy at Chiang Mai University (thailand),  Prof. Tegatat Tejasen is an expert and researcher in the field of pain receptors of skin. He also verified that what The Qur'an describes in the above verse about skin is correct.


The Best Part?


3- The Quran Contains God’s challenge - To Try and Produce Even One Chapter (Surah) Like It. This Challenge Still Stands Today.



Various verses in the Qur'an are about this open challenge:

Quran challange1

Quran challange2

Quran challange3


4- The Quran Was Revealed On A Man (Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H) Who Did Not Receive Formal Education from any other human being (He Did Not Learn To Read Or Write)




In the book written by Michael H Hart a renowned American Historian and Astrophysicist titled "THE 100, A Ranking Of The Most Influential Persons In History", Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is considered "The Most Influential Single Figure In Human History" and placed at First Position in this book. Michael H H Hart also stated in his book that Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) was illiterate (He did not learn to read or write from any human being).

This part of the book is available for reading at


5- The Words Of The Quran Have The Effect Of Changing People's Lives.


pexels stefan stefancik 91224


You can find people around you, whose lives have been Changed in a Positive way by reading and following The Quran.


6- The Qur'an Does Not Contain A Single Contradiction Despite The Fact It Was Revealed Over A Period Of 23 Years.


2706040341 99cd7e04b8 c


God Almighty says in the Qur'an:

Quran about Contradictions

So if someone want to prove the Quran wrong, only thing he/she has to do is take out a single contradiction from the Quran. Many people tried. You can search on the internet, you can find a thousand claimed contradictions in the Quran, but all of them are either out of context or mistranslated or illogical.

This is called a falsification test of the Quran. Quran shows us the way how to prove itself wrong. So anyone can try to prove the Quran wrong, just he/she has to take out a single contradiction from the Quran.  


7- The Qur'an has produced ‘The Largest Practiced Religion of about 1.7 billion followers and ‘The Fastest Growing Religion’.

"Pew Research Center" is well known research center and fact tank that makes people aware about the trends which are shaping the world. Pew Research Center in a recent research verifies that Islam is the fastest growing religion of the world (please see below figure taken from Pew Research Center's website). 

 PF 15.04.02 ProjectionsOverview populationChange 310px





  • Please listen to now how an eminent scholar Definativly Proves the Existence of God in the below video:




What's The Conclusion?

Q: Brother/Sister Can A Book like THE QUR'AN (possessing all the characteristics mentioned above) be written at the present times?


A: Although science and technology has progressed very much at the present times, but based on the above mentioned strong and logical reasons, it should be clear that It Is Beyond Human Ability To Write Such A Book Which Remains UN-Changed , Which Is Inimitable, Does Not Contain Any Errors and possesses the characteristics some of which were mentioned earlier.


Therefore, The Qur'an Is A MIRACLE still present Today and Is From God.


This Proves The Existence Of God.


Still Not Convinced, Then Please See The Below Additional Resourses. OTHERWISE PLEASE CONTINUE READING.



Full Talk "Is The Qur'an God's Word" by Dr Zakir Naik 



About This Website: The Quran (Koran, the book of Islam) contains scientific knowledge that could not have been known 1400 years ago. It ranges from basic arithmetic's to the most advanced topics in astrophysics. You are invited to go through those miracles and judge for yourself.



Full Talk " Qur'an And Modern Science Compatible Or Incompatible" By Dr Zakir Naik



God's Testimony: The Divine Authorship of the Quran : GDM Show



The Qura'n provides Guidance and Answers to fundamental questions of people of all times (including people of the present times and You) up till the last day.



Who Is God According To The Quran ?


The correct name of God is "ALLAH". As God Almighty mentions in the Qur'an Chapter 20 Verse 14:


Who is Allah Surah Taha


As also mentioned in Gospels, the name used for God was "Allah", as evidenced by some discovered Arabic versions of the New Testament written by Arab Christians during the pre-Islamic era in Northern and Southern Arabia.


Rick Brown, Who was 'Allah' before Islam? Evidence that the term 'Allah' originated with Jewish and Christian Arabs (2007), page 10,  

Frederick Winnett V, Allah before Islam-The Moslem World (1938), Pages: 239–248,      

Michael Macdonald, Personal Names in the Nabataean Realm-Journal Of Semitic Studies (1999), Page: 27


The Aramaic word for "God" in the language of Assyrian Christians is ʼĔlāhā, or AlahaArabic-speakers of all Abrahamic faiths, including Christians and Jews, use the word "Allah" to mean "God".

Reference: Columbia EncyclopediaAllah



The first chapter and every chapter of the Qur'an (except one) starts with the following verse of the Qur'an which describes who Allah (God) Is?:


Who is Allah


God Almighty speaks about himself in the Qur'an Chapter 112 :


Quran Surah Ikhlas1

Quran Surah Ikhlas2


Brother/Sister that means there is only ONE GOD (Allah) who is Merciful, who should be worshiped ALONE. It Is Our Purpose Of Life To Worship Allah.  Allah (God Almighty) is Always Very Near To Us With His Knowledge and You Are Never Alone. If You Worship Him Only, He Can Answer Your Prayers as mentioned in the Qur'an Chapter 2 Verse 186:

Where Is God



Brother/Sister The Qur’an contains a Good News and a Warning:

 good news


The Good News is that if You will Worship & Obey The ONE TRUE GOD (Allah) and Follow The Example Of *The Final Messenger of God, You Will Live A Life of Happiness, Satisfaction, Peace of Mind, Freedom from Worldly Worries, Depression & Anxiety and Overall A Beautiful Life in This World and in The Next Life You will Forever Live In Paradise where You will be able to Meet/See God and You will enjoy blessings of God. God Almighty  in the Qur'an


Quran about Good Life

Quran about Jannah


*The Messengers of Almighty God include: Abraham, Moses, Jesus and The Final Messenger & Prophet  Muhammad on whom The Qur'an was revealed (peace be upon them all). God speaks in the Qur'an about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ) in the following Verses:

1 Who is The Final Prophet


Brother/Sister, that means that Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is also Your Prophet and God's Messenger. God Almighty further speaks about him in the Qur'an:


2 Who is The Final Prophet


Merciful and Almighty God speak about obeying him and his messenger in the Qur'an:

Obey the messenger

Obey the messenger2


Brother/Sister please watch the below powerful video to know more about prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him):



Brother/Sister you are alive to live a purpose driven life and that is a life of worshiping your God/Creator according to his and his messenger's teachings.


 warning 1656189 960 720



The Warning is that, those people who will Not Believe In The Existence Of God or will Worship Someone/Something Other Than ONE True God (Allah), Will Live a Depressed Life In This World and will be entered into Hell-Fire and Will Stay There FOREVER / For Eternity. God All Mighty mentions in the Qur'an:


Quran about depressed life


According to the Qur'an, this is what happens after death to the people who will go in Hell-Fire:


Hell fire1Hell fire2



Brother/Sister, I REQUEST You That PLEASE Be The One Who Will Live A Beautiful Life In This World and Who Will Live Forever In Paradise.

 pexels anna shvets 4586688



And I REQUEST You That PLEASE Protect Yourself From Living A Depressed Life In This World and As This life Is Short, so Protect Yourself From Being The One who will Live In Hell Fire Forever.

 pexels iconcom 2166401


By Worshiping One God (Allah) and Obeying Him.



Brother/Sister, this act of Obeying & Worshiping ONE God (Allah) and Submitting Your Will To Him is Islam. The meaning of Arabic word ‘Islam’ means ‘submission’. Merciful and Almighty God (Allah) speaks about it in the following Quranic verses:


Quran about Islam1

Quran about Islam2

  Quran about Islam3Quran about Islam4


Therefore, Brother/Sister Merciful and Almighty God (Allah) has Chosen The Religion Of Islam For You and for whole humanity and to live your life according to this religion is Why You Are Alive. This is the ultimate Purpose & Meaning of your Life and you should be living a life of purpose from now onward. It Contains The Same Fundamental Teachings Which Were Given To All Messengers of God (peace be upon them all) and they were all Muslims (in submission). All messengers of God invited to Worship & Obey One True God (Allah) and Submit One's Will To Him (Islam). The Final Messenger & Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also did the same as he was sent to Re-Establish Islam, as the teachings of the earlier messengers/religions got corrupted. The Qura'n was revealed on him and He (peace be upon him) is the Messenger & Prophet of God (Allah) for You and for All The People who will come into this world after him.



As Muhammad (pecae be upon him) is The Final Messenger of God, The Religion Given To Him (Islam) by God Almighty (Allah) is The Right And Only Religion To Be Followed at the present times up till the last day. All Previous Religions given to earlier messengers of God were for their specific times and for the people present at those times. To understand this, consider a country where an Old Constitution has been replaced by the Government with a New Constitution to meet the challenges of the present & future times. A person who will perform actions according to the laws of the Old Constitution will now violate the laws of the New Constitution, therefore that person will become a criminal in the eyes of the Government and the Government may punish him. In this case the Government is Almighty God (Allah) and the New Constitution is The Religion Is Islam Given To Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).      


Brother/Sister Please Note That Islam does not allow killing innocent people, women and children and doing this is considered a Major Sin. Extreme practices such as these are against Islamic teachings. Islam is a Religion Of Peace and puts high emphasis on saving human life and not spreading disorder on earth. In the following Quranic verse, God Almighty states his order to children of Israel and the same teachings apply to all Muslims as well:


Quran about not killing



Therefore, Brother/Sister I REQUEST You That PLEASE REVERT To This Religion Of Islam, By Re-Establishing Your Original Believes.


pexels ekrulila 3292556


As A Result, You Will Live a Beautiful Life In This World and Will Live FOREVER in Paradise. Also You Will Be Saved By God Almighty (Allah) From Living A Depressed Life In This World and Being In Hell-Fire FOREVER.



Brother/Sister, You Were Born On The Religion Of Islam. Because When a child is Born ( including You ), it has with it a Natural Belief In God and His Oneness. This Natural belief is called in Arabic the “Fitrah”. This Fact is mentioned in the Qur'an by Merciful & Almighty God (Allah) in Chapter 30 Verse 30:    


The Quran about Fitrah2

 Untitled design


This fact is also further explained by the Final Messenger and Prophet Of God Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It is reported on the authority of Abu Mu'awiya that (the Holy Prophet) said:

Every new-born babe is born on the millat (of Islam and he) remains on this until his tongue is enabled to express himself. This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Abu Mu'awiya through another chain of transmitters (and the words are):" Every child is born but on this Fitra so long as he does not express himself with his tongue."

Reference: Sahih Muslim Vol. 6, Book of Destiny, Hadith 6427


Brother/Sister according to the above mentioned Quranic Verse and the Sayings Of The Final Messenger Of God (Peace be upon him), You Were Born on The Religion Of Islam and Believed In One True God (Allah)


Therefore, Brother/Sister PLEASE PLEASE Return Back To Your Natural Religion (in Islam) and Re-Establish Your Original Islamic Beliefs. So that You can Live a Beautiful Life in this world and Live FOREVER in Paradise in the next life. And be the one who will not live a Depressed life in this world and saved from FOREVER Living in Hell-Fire in the next life.


Brother/Sister By Returning To Islam, A Direct Contact will be formed between Merciful & Almighty God and You without the need of intermediaries. All Your Previous Sins Will Be Wiped Out and you will become like a new born baby is free from sins. There are also more benefits of returning to Islam which you will feel and see once you are a Muslim.



Brother/Sister You Should Not Delay In Reverting To Islam, because Death Can Come To Us Anytime. If Death Comes To You and You have not Already Reverted To Islam then there will Not Be Given Any Chance To You to revert to Islam. If this happens you can well imagine what will happen next i.e Living In Hell-Fire Forever.

 Dont Delay Red


 Reverting ( Returning Back ) To Islam, A Religion Of 1.7 Billion People Is Easy.


Brother/Sister to revert to Islam and to become a Muslim, a person just has to Say The Testimony Of Faith (Shahadah) with Sincerity, Conviction and By Understanding Its Meaning. The testimony of faith is as follows:


"I Bear Witness That There Is None Worthy Of Worship Except Allah, The One Alone, Without Partner, And I Bear Witness That Muhammad Is His Servant And Messenger."


Brother/Sister by saying this testimony from heart a person becomes Muslim, in the first half of it a person testifies in-front of Merciful & Almighty God (Allah) that he/she Will Only Worship Him and Obey Him. A person repents and promises to turn away from all types of sins.  In the second half of the testimony by saying that Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is the Messenger of God (Allah), a person Agrees to sincerely follow His teachings because He Conveyed what God Almighty (Allah) gave Him i.e the Religion of Islam. 


A Muslim must also believe in the following:

1- Belief in Allah (The Only God and He is worthy of worship Alone).

2- Belief in the Angels (Who are performing different duties give by Allah).

3- Belief in Holy Books (That Allah has reveled various Books to his Messengers for the guidance of people of their Specific Times e.g The Holy Quran, The Holy Bible, The Holy Torah)

4-Belief in the Prophets (Many Prophets were sent by God for the Guidance of people of their time e.g Adam, Moses , David , Jesus, Final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them All))

5-Belief in the Day of Judgement (That it is True and Will Come)

6- Belief in God's predestination (That God Almighty has complete knowledge of all that has happened and will happen, without the restrictions of time.


Now, brother/sister PLEASE PLEASE REVERT TO ISLAM NOW by saying the below mentioned Testimony Of Faith With Conviction (first in Arabic and then in English language ) by listening to the below Audio and repeating after what is being said in the audio.



Ash-hadu Al-laaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Wahdahoo Laa Shareeka Lahoo Wa-Ash-hadu Anna

Muhammadan ‘Abduhoo Wa Rasooluhu. (ARABIC)


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"I Bear Witness That There Is None Worthy Of Worship Except Allah, The One Alone, Without Partner, And I Bear Witness That Muhammad Is His Servant And Messenger."




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DEAR Brother/Sister, a Matter of Exceptional Importance requires your attention. Please CLICK HERE to know about it.

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DEAR Brother/Sister, We can also assist you further in saying the Testimony Of Faith correctly and providing you with any required further information to help you better understand Islam and living your life accordingly. Please just leave us a message through the Contact Us (click to open) page of this website and we will contact you back as soon as possible by email, whats-app, IMO etc. You can also visit a nearest mosque to meet the imam (worship leader) and say the testimony of faith with him.

Brother/Sister If you are Still Not Convinced about reverting to Islam, Please Know That According to The Bible JESUS Is A MUSLIM And A Messenger Of God. Please Click On the below Image to See SOLID EVIDENCES FROM THE BIBLE which prove that Jesus is a Muslim (you can also verify the correctness of the quoted verses of Bible, by doing a Bible study by clicking on the references of verses) :


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