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Dear Brother/Sister, A matter of exceptional importance stands out now. This truth, this faith, is the right and 'trust' of every other soul whom this 'right' has not yet reached. Hence, it is an obligation upon you too to pass forward this truth, this 'trust and right', much like a legacy, to those others to whom it belongs and who have not yet heard of it. You need to do this in all sincerity, good-will and well-meaning sympathy with the only end to save a brother or a sister from God's wrath and from the fire and torments of hell.


Perform this 'labor of love' with a deep sense of compassion. Hand over the truth to others just as the dear Prophet did. At the same time, pray to God for their guidance, that they may realize and recognize the straight, true path.


Imagine, for a moment, this scene: A man is pacing near a blazing pit of fire. Just then, he sees a visually challenged man strolling ahead of him. This blind man, unaware of the pit of fire ahead, strays towards its edge and falls over it into the pit. The person behind has been watching him calmly all this while. He does not move. He neither calls out to the man, even once, to caution him nor does he move forward to hold him back or say, "Look out! Your path leads straight into a pit of fire."


Do you think such a person deserves to be called a human being? The minimum requirement of humaneness, is to stop that blind person, hold his hands, pull him back, save him, assure and promise him thus, "As far as I can and as long as there's life in my veins, I won't let you fall in the fire."


The point is clear. After accepting faith, every Muslim who has received the guidance of faith, the Prophet and the Quran, becomes duty-bound to do one thing. This 'one thing' is to set about the task of salvaging and extricating those souls who are still entangled and caught up in the fire of polytheism, who are attaching partners to God and are rejecting God (His Oneness).


Hold the hands of such people, or their feet if need be. Plead with them so that they adopt faith and do not keep blundering up the wrong path, following the wrong scent.


It is a fact that words coming from the depths of a sincere heart, words flowing with compassion and selflessness, surely touch and move another heart. It's a 'heart-to-heart' matter. Even if a single person gains faith and finds God's real, true door through you, then you are truly exonerated and stand vindicated. Indeed, then, you have truly worked the oracle. And that is exactly why God is so pleased with him who draws away another soul from polytheism (Shirk) and rejection of God (Kufr) and directs him onto the highway of truth.


Assume, for a while, that your own son has revolted against you and has joined the enemy ranks. Suddenly, a Good Samaritan turns up from nowhere. He counsels your son and, eventually, transforms your son back to his loyal, obedient self, and your son returns to you. How pleased would you be with that noble man who brought back your son to your fold! In much the same way, Our Lord God is singularly pleased when someone becomes a medium in conveying faith to another soul, and disperses the spark of faith further and further on, inevery hole and corner and onto the four winds.





Dear Brother/Sister, After accepting Islam and becoming the true servant of the true Lord and Master, you need to do certain things. To offer the five daily prayers, becomes your first duty. Learn them. Offer them. These prayers will radiate peace in your soul and will enhance your love for God. In the month of Ramazan, you must fast. If you are wealthy, you must contribute a part of your wealth to the needy, for that is their share. Finally, if you can afford it, you must go for the pilgrimage of Haj once in a life-time.


Beware! Watch out! Now, your head must not bow before anyone except God. You now need to steer clear of all prohibited things like alcohol, gambling, usury, pork, bribes, etc. However, you may freelyenjoy all those pure gifts of God which He has made permissible.


You have, now, to read daily that pure Word of God, the Quran. You must also observe the ways of purification and hygiene. You must pray from the depths of your heart and soul for your friends, family and relatives and for all men and women walking on this earth, that they may live and die with faith because faith alone is the first and last anchor of human civilization and society.


In the dimly-lit corridors of times gone by, there once stood a great prophet of God. He was Prophet Ibrahim. In an incident, he was forced into a fire. He walked into the flames but not a hair of his was harmed! This was due to his faith. Today too, the power of faith can transform a fire into blossoms and can ward off any obstacle in the way of the true, glowing path.


If the faith of Ibrahim / could stir our hearts again

Fire and flames and embers all / would turn to flowers again.






Dear Brother/Sister It is quite possible that you could be tested on account of your faith. But — truth always wins. In this world too, truth is destined to win the day. However, if some trials do happen to come your way, then go through them with the thought that life in this world is transient and meant to last only for a few days. The trials are a cipher, a shadow, a straw and too insignificant in the face of the comforts, luxuries, bliss and unimaginable pleasures of paradise forever and ever after death. And, of-course, the trials are nothing in comparison to gaining God's pleasure and viewing Him face to face.


Peace Be Upon You.